How can I apply to become an artisan?

See our 'Artisan Application' page on the website where you will find all the information you need to apply to participate as an artisan. All applications are done through the website. Please be sure to include as much information as you can about what you are selling, including pictures of your pieces. We use this information to determine the location of each artisan so we don't have a lot of repeats at each venue.

How can I participate as a volunteer?

We usually begin looking for volunteers about a month before the Craft Revival takes place. We will sometimes create a post on our Facebook page, but if you haven't seen anything, please feel free to e-mail us at if you are interested in becoming a volunteer!

I sent in my application to become an artisan but I haven't received a response?

The Craft Revival team is very small, so if you haven't heard back please give us a little bit of time! We receive over 200 applications and it may take us some time to go through all of them. If you haven't heard from us imn the time specified on the application page, please send us an e-mail that includes your ARTISAN/BUSINESS NAME as the subject line, at

How can I pay my table fee once i am accepted as an artisan?

In order to keep everything as organized as possible, we prefer that all artisans pay their table fee via E-Transfer to 

When sending your table fee, please use the comment box and specify your Business/Artisan name.

If you send it without this information we cannot guarantee it will be easily applied to you. E-transfers may only show the name of the primary person on the account, this can be confusing if it is a coming from someone other than the registered artists name.


What does my table fee pay for?

Your table fee covers hiring musicians and performers, professional photography and videography to capture each event. Along with sponsorships, it supplements the cost of posters, advertising and the custom made shopping tote-bags for the event. 


We are always looking to add more artisans to be featured on our website! If you are interested, please send us your bio, and a professional looking photo that we can use for the website, at

I'm interested in being showcased on your Artisan Page on the website. What should I do?