WINTER 2019 CRAFT REVIVAL registration is CLOSED.

 Please read our FAQ page and the information below before applying.


Table Fee: $50

Winter 2019 Craft Revival Date: Sunday November 24th, 2019

Time: 10am - 5pm

Each vendor is asked to make a small donation towards our door prizes. This can be either something handmade from your business, or something like a gift certificate for people to spend at your business. 

Craft Revival -  Artisan Application

Please take a moment to read the following carefully -- should you have questions please first check the FAQ. If you still have questions do not hesitate to email us:

The Craft Revival Team is already preparing for the Holiday Market! Thank you for your interest. 

We are currently accepting vendor and artisan applications until July 31. All applicants will receive notification either way by August 31. That means, no matter what, you’ll hear from us so, please check your junk mail folder, your ‘promotions’ or ‘updates’ folder in gmail. Also, please add to your safe list & contacts. This is because our mass emails may be flagged as junk. It is your responsibility to check all your folders for your notification. 


  • WHAT: Holiday Craft Revival - 2019

  • WHEN: Sunday November 24th

  • WHERE:The Waterfront District & Bay Algoma Neighbourhood

  • ARTISAN/VENDOR SPACE: Max 8ft space // $50 (additional space will cost)

  • APPLICATIONS OPEN: July 8th, 2019 


  • July 31: Applications CLOSE

  • August 31: Notification of acceptance status

  • September 30: Payment + Contract Deadline

  • November 24: Set up begins at 8:30am. Swag and raffle items due upon arrival.

  • November 25: Sleep all day!

SUPER IMPORTANT! Please triple check the spelling of the email address you submit AND ensure we are in your address book so that our response doesn't end up in your spam!

No matter what, you’ll hear from us, please check your junk mail folder, your ‘promotions’ or ‘updates’ folder in gmail. Also, please add  to your safe list & contacts. This is because our mass emails may be  flagged as junk. It is your responsibility to check all your folders for your notification


Your application does not guarantee your inclusion in the Craft Revival. Due to the popularity of the Craft Revival, this is now a juried market. 

Craft Revival is looking for artists, designers + emerging brands. Your product must be made by you or an idea original to you.

Every application is juried by an unbiased panel. All applications are reviewed, and a decision is made based on several factors, listed below: 

  • Each jury member thoroughly assess each potential artisan by reviewing their application and visiting their website / social media accounts. 

    • If you do not have social media please e-mail 4 photos to with the subject line CRAFT REVIVAL Winter 2019 JURY: ____ (your identifying vendor name)

    • If you do not use the specified subject line, we cannot guarantee your application will be juried -- we receive a lot of emails.

  • Applicant artisans must meet Craft Revival criteria of being a local small business as well as having the following:

    • Product quality

    • Branding/Presentation

    • Shopper appeal

    • Innovative design

  • Artisans are then divided into categories as Craft Revival sees fit (these may or may not align with your selection during application)  -- We do this to ensure we showcase diversity. It also allows each artisan a chance to be exclusive in their area of creativity within a location (we will do our best).

    • Bath + Body

    • Jewelry

    • Fashion

    • Food + Drink

    • Home Decor/Homewares

    • Wood

    • Kids + Baby

    • Paper Goods

    • Fine Art

    • Vintage

    • Pottery

    • Supplies

  • The jury then votes, based on the above criteria, on each individual application to create a final artisan list. 

  • A cancellation list is also compiled.

We do not accept applications from artisans selling “3rd-party” product (eg. Marykay, Epicure, Tupperware, etc.).

In terms of charities, the Craft Revival will no longer allow tables for charities to hand out pamphlets, sell tickets, or sell items, but will consider donating to charities willing to volunteer their assistance. The assistance would be required day-of for set-up, take-down, Craft Revival entrance information tables and Craft Revival merchandise sales. This list of volunteer tasks is not inclusive and may change based on the capabilities of the volunteer.  

We are unable to offer exclusivity to any of our artisans. This means that there may be more than one artisan selling similar items. We will do our best to stagger the locations and respect your individuality. With this in mind, we may not place you in a location that was not your first choice. Working through the applications, priority is first come first served with the exception of accessibility accommodations.

For those selling edible products: You are responsible for complying with all City of Thunder Bay Health Dept. requirements. Should you be serving food products you will be required to submit a copy of your food safety certificate to the Craft Revival organizers.

This is a green-focused event, the use of single use, non perishable plastic and/or Styrofoam products is highly discouraged.  Artisans are encouraged to use paper and/ or compostable products (bags, packaging, plates, containers, cups, utensils, napkins, etc.) for their packaging and bagging.  Should you require assistance with sourcing more eco-friendly packaging, Eco-superior, a local environmentally conscious company, will be more than happy to assist.

Applications must include clear information about your products and specifics as to what you will be selling. If part of your product is out-sourced (meaning not made by you, eg. apparel, t-shirts, accessories) proof the items are ethically produced must be provided. These items can be produced either locally or overseas. Please provide evidence in your application if this is applicable.

Scheduled load in may vary based on the location - please be prepared to load in the day of the event. Should the venue be available earlier you will be notified in advance via email. Artisans must abide by the rules and be operational from 10am to 5pm the day of the event. 

Artisan locations will be decided in advance and communicated to participating artisans prior to the event. Accessibility accommodation requests will take priority and the specific artisan (location, preference, size etc.) requests outlined in the application will be secondary. If applying to share a table, you both must apply and BE SPECIFIC who you are sharing with, we will not spend time searching for the secondary artisan. 

The Craft Revival is held in local small businesses, not under one single “event space” roof, and involves a lot of coordination. Due to this reason no refunds will be offered due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizers or other extenuating circumstances.

Outsourced Materials* If you have out-sourced materials, please explain where the outsourced materials are from (USA, China...) and how you ensure the manufacturers have ethical + sustainable practices. Ex 1: All design work and packaging is done in Thunder Bay. We manufacture our product in China, making sure we have documentation ensuring safe  and ethical practices are in place. Ex 2: We source our materials from the USA, selecting businesses that have a focus on environmentally-friendly processes and fair wages for employees.

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